co-creating a community-led narrative to empower equitable and regenerative design at upper harbor terminal and beyond.


Northside Eco-Harbor is engaged in a campaign to educate and engage North Minneapolis residents and stakeholders about the Upper Harbor Terminal Concept Plan and the project’s implications. We have called on City of Minneapolis leaders to set a new standard for community development by truly addressing the needs and aspirations of the Northside using equitable design principles and empowering public participation.


Join us Mondays at 5:00pm for roundtable discussions and coordinating committee meetings.

Due to COVID-19, we are meeting via Zoom. Please use the email tab below to receive a link.

Everyone is welcome to attend and connect with this continued effort to assert that co-created planning and design at Upper Harbor Terminal is critical to the economic, environmental, and social health of Northside neighborhoods and Minneapolis as a whole.

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